Sidebar: TIME LINE


270 AD /
Saint Nicholas, who originated the Santa Clause legend, is born in the Middle East

11th century /
Saint Nicholas’ remains are discovered and stolen by Italian sailors, who take them to Bari (Italy), where they have remained to this day

17th century /
Saint Nicholas’ legend reached the American continent through the European colonists, who considered him the sailors’ and traders’ protector

1823 /
American professor and writer Clement Clarke Moore writes the poem “Santa Claus”, which establishes Santa as a popular plumpy always-smiling old man, giving gifts to children from his reindeer-pulled sledge

1860 /
Cartoonist Thomas Nast sketches Santa Claus for Harper’s Weekly in a drawing that will travel around the world

1931 /
Santa Claus’ image as we know it today makes its first appearance. It is imagined by American Haddon Sundblom for the Coca-Cola Company Christmas advertising campaign

1948 /
The Romanian Communist regime bans Santa Claus as it is considered “an element coming from capitalist exploiters”. He is replaced by Father Frost.

1989 /
At the Revolution, Romanians gain the liberty to believe again in Santa.

2008 /
The biggest reunion of Santa in the world takes place. Almost 4.000 copycats of the famous Lapland resident march the streets of Bucharest.

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